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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

Q: Why are there no refunds?

A: The sales money does not stay in our possession in order to provide the services for the event and prepay the celebrity guests.

Q: Why are tickets non-transferable?

A: This is to avoid scalping...PERIOD. We understand that these events are already expensive enough so we do not want a scalper trying to scam you out of more money or sell you fake tickets. We want everyone to have an equal and fair chance of attending each event. We will not allow your tickets to be transferable for any reason, once they are already purchased.

Q: Are my tickets mailed to me or do I need to pick them up at registration?

A: All tickets will be at registration. This will help avoid postage cost, lost tickets and scalping.

Q: What do I need for registration?

A: Every attendee who purchased tickets MUST have their photo ID. At registration, you will be asked to check to make sure everything you purchased is in your packet and correct. We will ask you to sign an acknowledgement sheet once you confirm your purchases are correct, with one of our registration staff members. This is to ensure there is no confusion over the order and no one will be able to come back to try and retrieve a duplicate ticket(s).


Q: My friend purchased my tickets, can he/she pick them up for me at registration?

A: Yes. Anyone who originally purchased the tickets will have to pick them up.


Q: I had my tickets on Friday but now I can't find them. Can you reissue them to me?

A: Unfortunately, no. Once you sign the ticket acknowledgement, it is your responsibility to keep track of your tickets. We cannot reissue any lost/stolen tickets.


Q: Can I purchase tickets at the event?

A: Tickets can be purchased on our website the day of the event and picked up at registration. 


Q: Why do you have a security team posted to escort the celebrities?

A: This is for everyone's safety, not just the celebrities. Sometimes fans are not able to control themselves and cross the line when a celebrity is in the room. We have security to keep everyone under control. We want everyone to feel safe at our events.


Q: Will (insert celebrity's name here) be appearing at any FWB events?

A: We are constantly negotiating with celebrities. We are legally unable to discuss guest negotiations in any way, shape or form. Any questions requesting information about guest negotiations will go unanswered. Our website/social media will be updated as guests are announced and confirmed.


Q: Are there any age limitations for the events at FWB events?

A: No, there are no age limitations for any event, unless specified.

Q: Will I be able to take personal photos with the stars?

A: The photo ops are the only way to appear in a photo with the stars, unless you purchase one of the private meet and greets.

Q: Can I leave the event and come back?

A: Yes. However, you will need to go through security each time.

Q: Will there be Q&A panels like other conventions?

A: No. This is one of the many things that makes us different than other conventions. We took out the panels in order to give you more time with the celebrity guests during photos and autographs.


Photo Op FAQ

Q: How many attendees may appear in one photo op?

A: Two attendees may appear together in one photo op for the initial price.


Q: I know two attendees may participate in any photo op for the initial price, but we have three of us who would like to be in the photo. Can we pay an additional fee to add a third person?

A: No, sorry. Only 2 people per photo, unless specified.


Q: Will I be able to request a pose with the celebrity guest?

A: There are two things to consider with this. First, is time constraint. Sometimes, time could run short and poses would prevent other attendees from being able to get their photo op. Second, is that it’s up to the individual celebrity guest and if they want to. However, if odds are in your favor, remember it must be an appropriate pose. We want you to have fun pictures with the guests!


Autograph Session FAQ

Q: Will the celebrities personalize autographs during the autograph session?

A: We have no problem with this; however, it is the celebrity's choice.


Q: Can I take pictures of them signing autographs?

A: Unfortunately, no. All cameras will need to be put away during autographs. We will have candid photographers capturing the unforgettable moments though!


Volunteers FAQ

Q: What does a volunteer do?

A: Volunteers must be available to help with any/all event operations as needed. This can include assisting guests, door guarding, personal assistance, registration, etc. Volunteers must be friendly, professional, patient, and punctual. The one thing to remember when dealing with a difficult guest... the customer is always right. If you think there is something you won't be able to handle, please don't volunteer.


Q: What if I am attending the event as a fan, but still want to volunteer?

A: We advise you to NOT be a volunteer if you would like to attend any part of the event. You may have to be helping vendors or registration all day and will miss all of the events.


Q: Do I get a free admission ticket as a volunteer?

A: All volunteers will receive a badge and t-shirt which will allow entry into the event areas. However, these badges hold no special benefits or entry into special events i.e. sports game, Banquet, Cocktail Party, concerts, etc. unless specifically stated by FWB Charity Events.


Q: When will I know if I am accepted/needed as a volunteer?

A: We usually won't know until a month or 2 prior to the event.

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